Posted by Parkwoods Hockey League on Feb 09 2022 at 06:03AM PST

On Sunday February 6, 2022 Parkwoods held its 10th Winter Classic at Broadlands Arena outdoor rink.

The Parkwoods Winter Classic is an annual outdoor hockey event that gives all the players in House League a chance to play outdoors. Distinct from the league’s regular season games which are played indoors, the full-day event is typically promoted as a return to the sport’s outdoor roots and meant to evoke memories of pond hockey. Initiated by former Parkwoods President Brad Brinton and his executive team in 2011, its popularity since the first one has led to its annual tradition for Parkwoods and is considered one of the league’s premier events for both the players and parents.

Thanks to the many volunteers who help make this amazing event possible, in addition to the great hockey being played all day long, players and parents alike can enjoy coffee, hot chocolate and hot food being served throughout the event. There are even event t-shirts for all the players and volunteers. The day has also proven to be a great opportunity for our Select teams to fundraise through bake sales and other initiatives.

This year, we were lucky that pandemic restrictions were lifted just in time for this event to proceed and that the bitter cold broke that morning. It was still a chilly start for our U7 players who played the first game at 8am, but the fun, and hot chocolate, kept them warm! It was a full day of games in all our divisions, and with increasing temperatures as the day went on. Our U18 teams played under the lights in the relative warmth and wrapped up our 9th and final game just after 8pm, closing a fun-filled day for our whole community.

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